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After you tell your compelling story in a book, you might be done. But many people don't stop there. With a book in hand, they’re ready to start speaking.

If you do decide to start speaking, which is a great way to monetize a book you’ve written, I can help you draft a speech that does justice to your book and its message. Because a great book deserves a great speech or presentation.

Getting my help to write your speech or presentation means you’ll have one less thing to worry about. And have no fear, your speech will sound like you because I’ll interview you and record your words and thoughts and craft them into a tight, engaging speech.

Why I like to write speeches

While the majority of my experience has been as a writer, I have given my share of speeches and talks.

First, I grew up in a church where almost everyone, myself included, gave talks and lessons.

Second, a few years ago, when I was trying to network to market a small business I had started, I began attending Toastmaster’s International. I attended for a year or so and while there I honed my speaking abilities by practicing in front of a group.

If you’ve never attended a Toastmaster’s meeting, you’ll know that each speech given on a certain day is commented on by a chosen reviewer, and as the meeting ends, everyone attending votes anonymously for the best speech and the best speech review. Well, each time I spoke—or reviewed another person’s speech—I won best speaker or best reviewer.

Good writing is the basis of a good speech

After being in Toastmaster’s for a while, it finally dawned on me. I did as well as I did mainly because I was (and am) a good writer, and I was using my ability to tell compelling stories to make my speeches just a little tighter and dramatic than everyone else’s. In other words, good writing is the foundation of good speechmaking.

When the time comes, let’s write your speech

So first you need to write your book, but if and when the time comes for you to take your story on the road and spread the word, I can help. Let me help you write a speech that will tell your story and move your audience.

Questions? Or, if you are ready to get help writing your speech, please contact me to learn more!

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