How much does it cost to hire a ghostwriter?

Like any skilled craft, ghostwriting costs money; and if you want to hire the best, you should expect to pay something for their knowledge, talent, and expertise.

As a general rule, hiring me to write your book can cost anywhere from $35,000 on up, depending on the length of the book.

To find out exactly what your project will cost, just contact me. Tell me about your book, and I’ll try to respond with a quote. I may ask for more information, or I may need to see a copy of your manuscript before giving you a quote.

The quality/value triangle

There are three aspects to every job done by a professional: quality, speed of service, and price. These three aspects have been called the Value Triangle, the Quality Triangle, or the Unattainable Triangle. Whatever the name, the truth remains: you can have two of the triangle items but never all three. If you opt for a low price and quick service, then don’t expect quality. Or, if you want quality and fast service, be prepared to pay. This triangle is worth remembering, whether you are hiring a contractor to remodel your house or a ghostwriter to help you write your book.

You get what you pay for

My mother often said to me, “You get what you pay for.” And I think she was right. Again, the Quality Triangle reigns supreme: you can’t expect to pay a cut rate for quality service done cheaply and on time. It’s just not possible.

Questions? Or, if you are ready to talk about writing your book, please contact me to get started!

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