Get help publishing my book

Once we’re done writing your book, we’re still not done.

You can either choose to self-publish your book, or you can choose to find a publisher or agent so you can publish your book traditionally. 

I can help you with all of these options. 

I have connections to a great self-publishing company that I like. I also have connections with agents who will consider your book and its topic. I can even help you write a query letter or a book proposal, which you can send to query agents or publishers.

Writing either is tricky and must follow certain conventions, but I can help.

Contact me to find out more!

Get help writing my speech

Maybe you’re a professional speaker and you want to tune up your speech or add a speech to your portfolio, or maybe you have to speak at a corporate or academic function, or maybe you have a message to share or want to build your clientele, and you need to give great speeches. No matter who you are or what your reason for speaking, I can help. Whether it’s a keynote speech, an introduction to a keynote speaker, a seminar about your book, or something shorter, let me ease your pain and pressure.

They say that public speaking is the number one fear of many people—more so than dying. Personally, I would rather live and give a speech than die and avoid speaking, so I’m not sure how true that is, but I understand that giving a speech can be daunting.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. When I help you write your speech, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. And have no fear, your speech will sound like you because I’ll interview you and record your words and thoughts and craft them into a tight, engaging speech.

Why I like to write speeches

While the majority of my experience has been as a writer, I have given my share of speeches and talks. First, I grew up in a church where almost everyone, myself included, gave talks and lessons. And a few years ago, when I was trying to network to market a small business I had started, I began attending Toastmaster’s International. I attended for a year or so and while there I honed my speaking abilities by practicing in front of a group.

If you’ve never attended a Toastmaster’s meeting, they are quite unique. For instance, each speech given on a certain day is commented on by a chosen reviewer, and as the meeting ends, everyone attending votes anonymously for the best speech and the best speech review. Each time I spoke—or reviewed another person’s speech—I won best speaker or best reviewer.

Good writing is the basis of a good speech

After being in Toastmaster’s for a while, it finally dawned on my why I was doing well. Sure, I was good at presenting and I practiced my speeches, but I was (and am) a good writer, and I was using my ability to tell compelling stories to make my speeches just a little tighter than the rest. I feel strongly that good writing is the foundation of good speechmaking.

Let’s write your speech—now

I want you to give a great speech, so let me help you write a speech that will get your message across while also moving your audience.

So quit worrying about your speech and let me help you.

My speechwriting availability is often limited, so make sure to book ahead with me soon.