My bio

Okay, now let’s talk about the who.

Basic facts: I’m Jonathan Williams, and I ghostwrite books that tell compelling stories. Before I started ghostwriting, I was a technical writer for many years in the Washington, D.C. area where I was born and raised. As a technical writer, I wrote exciting user manuals, operational manuals, release notes, help guides, online help, proposals, and so on. Along the way I’ve also written newspaper articles, marketing pieces, advertising copy, etc. It was a good living, but it wasn’t my passion and wasn’t always interesting, which is why I now focus on helping people tell stories.

I currently live in South Carolina near the coast. I am married with a boy and a girl, and my son has autism, so that subject is close to my mind and heart. I’ve experienced depression in the past, so I can understand a little those who suffer from mental health challenges. My daughter is the most amazing artist I’ve seen for someone her age, so I’m proud she inherited my father’s art talent that seems to have skipped me.

Education: I have a master’s degree in English from the University of Utah and a bachelor’s degree in political science from Brigham Young University. 

Storytelling: I love helping people tell dramatic stories, especially stories where someone changes, learns, or grows. I’m fan of good self-help books and feel that the best ones incorporate a personal story. The same goes for any kind of business book and even some nonfiction books. Stories are the most powerful way of conveying information, and I think they can be used much more often than  they are. I’m a generalist at heart, so I’m familiar with many subjects, but if your story also covers finance, earth science, history, politics, film, writing, or the arts, I’ll be even more comfortable with it.

Work experience: In 2010, I left the corporate world where I had been a technical writer and became an affiliate for a company that helps businesses cut cost by looking at their waste and recycling. It was a great experience and taught me about sales and about some small business basics. It was also fun to meet with C-level execs and teach them how I could help them save money on their trash without costing them a dime. During my time as a technical writer I spent some time working for Fannie Mae and got to learn more than I ever thought I would about finance and the secondary mortgage market. 

Fun stuff: I love electronic gadgets, and I’m an audiophile, which means I love listening to music on good stereo equipment. What kind of music? Mostly classical, jazz, and rock, though I like some good Irish music from time to time, too. Want to talk stereo equipment? Feel free to ping me anytime. I also love riding my bike and being outdoors, as long as it’s not too cold. My wife and I long to move near the beach someday: we love warmth, sun, and the sound of waves crashing. I’ve been known to watch the NFL (I’m partial to the New England and Washington), and I love movies, especially mysteries, comedies, foreign films, and chick flicks.

Other stuff: I find that I often wax nostalgic. Walk me by an old train station or the old town section of an older city, and I wonder if the best times have passed us by. I still love technology and the many advances in civil rights, but I sometimes long for slower times.

I also served an LDS mission to Japan and can still speak a little Japanese.

And lately, I’ve discovered the fun of doing genealogy. So if you’re writing your family history, I would be interested in helping out.

How I got into ghostwriting: One morning while attending a business networking meeting (while I was running my consulting business), a guest announced that they did ghostwriting. A light went off in my head, and I’ve been hooked ever since. As a ghostwriter, I get to use my native storytelling ability along with the writing and editing skills that I honed over 20 years as a business writer and technical writer to help others tell their story. The bottom line is, I love to write, I’m darn good at it, and I have the happy clients to prove it.

Not sure if you need a ghostwriter or just someone to talk to? That’s okay, just contact me, The GhostWriter, to learn more.