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Write a book, be a success

If you’re reading this, I’m going to guess that you may not be where you want to be professionally or personally. Perhaps you’ve hit the ceiling in your career or your business, and you need to break through to the next phase. Or maybe you have a great story to share about how you made it to where you are. But how?

Believe it or not, writing a book can fix all that. In fact, in some businesses and professions, like motivational speaker, life coach, or professional speaker, you must have a book with your name on it. Why?

Because no book=no fame or fortune.

Now, this book doesn’t have to be a bestseller. It doesn’t have to be published by one of the big five publishers. It just has to be a book you wrote and that tells your story and outlines your path to success.

Once you write your book, something magical happens. You become the go-to person in your field because writing a book automatically endows you with a higher level of respect, prestige, and admiration. When you write a book, you’ve completed a task that not many have.

Second, if you write a book, especially if it’s a memoir about yourself or your business, you will learn valuable lessons. Because as you tell your story, you will rediscover life and/or business lessons you had forgotten, and in doing so you will leave behind a story of your life and doings that shares details and insights that those close to you may find surprising and fulfilling.




Jonathan is an excellent writer with an inquisitive mind. He is also an excellent listener and communicator, which makes him an excellent ghostwriter. 

-Mark Ault



A book can take you to the top

So for those of you who aspire to greater recognition, money, or position, writing a book is almost a requirement. Set yourself apart from others in your field by writing a book about what you know and what you’ve learned, and your book may become the difference between getting promoted or staying where you are, between finding that angel investor or getting passed over for help starting something new. Write your book and see what happens next!

Choose the right ghostwriter

Now that you know you should write a book, you need to make sure you choose the right ghostwriter for your book. If you’re writing a nonfiction book, be it a memoir, a business book, a sales book, or a book on a nonfiction subject where you’re the expert, then I am the right ghostwriter for you.

I’ve helped many happy clients write their nonfiction book, and I'd love to help you.

The process is simple and easy

When you hire me to help you write your book, I take on as much of the work writing your book as possible. I use an easy, step-by-step process that puts the bulk of the workload on me and frees you up to work, play, and generally live your life. You still have some work to do, but most of the work writing your book now falls on me. Cool!



I can help you get published, too!

Once we’re finished writing your book, you may wonder what to do next. Well, regardless of whether you decide to self-publish (which is what most people choose) or publish your book traditionally, I can help. I can help you by pointing you in the right direction by recommending a good self-publishing company (and I have one), or I can help you by writing a query letter or a book proposal so you can find an agent or a publisher for your book. Just know that once I'm done helping you write your book, I won't leave you high and dry!. 

Get started today−before it’s too late!

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I’m here to help.