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Write a book, be a success!

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing that you aren’t yet where you want to be professionally or personally. Perhaps you’ve hit the ceiling in your career or your business, or maybe you want more out of your life.

Writing a book can fix that.

In fact, some professions (like motivational speaker, life coach, or professional speaker) almost require that you write a book. Why?

Because no book=no fame or fortune.

Now, your book doesn’t have to be a bestseller or even be published by one of the big five. It just has to tell your story and convey your thoughts clearly to succeed.

See, once you write your book, something magical happens.

You become the go-to person in your field by doing something that most couldn’t do.


Jonathan is an excellent writer with an inquisitive mind. He is also an excellent listener and communicator, which makes him an excellent ghostwriter.

Mark Ault



Choose the right ghostwriter

Now that you know you need to write a book, you might need some help. And that means choosing the right ghostwriter. Because if you’re writing a memoir, business book, self-help book, sales book, or speciality nonfiction book, then

I am the ghostwriter for you.

I’ve helped many happy clients, so let me help you!

My process is simple and easy

When you hire me to help you write your book, I do most of the work and use an easy, step-by-step process that frees you up to live your life.

I can help you get published, too!

Once we’re finished, it doesn’t matter whether you decide to publish it traditionally or self-publish, I can help. I won’t leave you high and dry!

Get started today before it’s too late!