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What is one of the biggest secrets to success?What is the one of the biggest secrets to success?

Ask most people if they want to succeed, and they will almost always say yes.

And yet, what is the secret to success? Or at least, one of the biggest secrets to success?

Without futher ado, I will clue you in: part of it involves persistence. Let me tell you a quick story to illustrate this.

Today was the first day of school in our area, so we got our kids to bed on time last night and cooked them a good breakfast this am. Originally, I had been told that our children’s new bus stop would be down the block, but as we stepped out to walk our kids to their bus stop, we noticed several kids and parents waiting just two doors down from our house.

They said that they had been told to have their kids wait here. Same school, but a different location and a different bus number.

Now I was really confused, so I called the bus operations office. The woman told me that our kids’ stop was the one down the block and that she knew nothing of any middle school stops near our house. Crazy.

Not trusting that the office knew what they were doing, we waited near our house while I still kept an eye out down the block at the other bus stop, which I could still barely see. And then we waited. And waited. And waited some more.

My daughter’s friend, who lives in the next neighborhood over, called her and said she had finally been picked up—the same bus number we had been told. A minute or two later, she told my daughter that her bus had entered our neighborhood.

Not wanting my kids to get missed, I walked down to the other stop to tell that bus to drive up to this other stop. I arrived just as that bus was picking up at yet another stop further down the cross road. But instead of heading down the road to pick up the kids at this stop, that bus backed up and left the neighborhood.

When I talked to the kids at this stop, who were also confused, some said that they were supposed to be up at our stop, and some said they had been told to wait there. It was now ten minutes after school should have started as I walked back up to the stop near our house.

I again tried calling the bus operations center and finally got through. 

This time I kindly told the woman what had happened and to send us a bus asap. She said she would. Fifteen minutes or so later, the replacement bus finally showed up and gathere up up our kids as well as the kids down the block (who by this time had started walking towards our stop).

We all weathered the setbacks with good humor and patience, and thankfully our kids all finally got picked up.

Sometimes, whether we’re writing a book or building a company or just trying to get our kids off to school, plans go awry. At those times, we just have to smile and keep persisting and pushing forward. Because in life, the route sometimes changes, or the circumstances change, but if we persist, things usually sync up and we get moving.

Remember, good things come to those who persist.

Happy writing!

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