Why You Need to Write a Book—Now!

Most people hate writing. As a writer, I know this well: it’s hard work, it’s often exacting, and when you write a book, you expose yourself to judgment—how smart you are, what you think, and what you’ve done or not done in your life. It stands to reason, then, that writing a book is the ultimate mental chore. Again, as a writer I should know because I’ve helped many people write theirs, and I’ve even written some small ones on my own, and even though I enjoy writing, it’s still hard work.

First, It’s About Branding

But if you’re going to establish yourself and your business or profession, writing a book is a must. They—those marketing gurus—say that you must create an unmistakable brand for yourself and/or your business. And I think they’re right. If you want people to think of you for that certain something that you or your company provide, then a book will help you spread the word and functions as a giant piece of marketing collateral. If you want to be at the top of your customers’ or clients’minds, a book with your name on it is a big step in the right direction.

A Book Says, I’m an Expert

Because books, especially good ones, are such a pain to write, having written one sets you apart from the crowd. It says, “Listen to me; I know what I'm doing. Hell, I've even written a book on this subject.” Authoring a book gives you credibility that you can get no other way. It can even make people think that you know more than you do merely because you wrote a book on the subject.

A Book Says, I Can Finish Stuff

But more than that, a book tells others that you are a finisher, that you accomplish things. A book you authored becomes tangible evidence that you finish what you start.

As I’ve mentioned above, writing can be boring, tedious, and just plain hard work. But you, Mr. or Ms. Book Author have overcome all that drudgery and have produced a book that actually says something. (Of course, your book needs to be a work of quality to really impress, but start writing it first, and worry about perfection later.)

With a book, or books, that bear your name, people realize that you have it together enough to produce something lasting, something that could help future generations figure things out. As a book author, you instantly become an educator, teaching people your version of our world.

A Book Lets You Influence People

And lastly, authoring a book lets people you might never talk to hear your deepest thoughts and your best ideas. When they read your book, they are yours to influence, sometimes for life.

Just Do It Already

So whether you hire a ghostwriter or you embark on this journey by yourself, the first principle is this: Just do it. Don’t want another second to start writing down your thoughts and experiences to share with the world—or at least with your potential customers.

I can’t tell you that you’ll strike it rich or that your business will never want for clients by writing a book, but I can promise you that you will be forever glad you wrote a book.

I Can Help

If at any point in your book writing journey you decide that you would like some help—whether it’s at the beginning, the middle, or the end—then please let me be your guide and your help, but write your book.

And when that happens, please email me at ghostwriter@jwghostwriter.com, and I’ll help make your book a reality. Or, you can fill out my contact form.