Just a few words from people who have worked with me:

“I’ve been asked a number of times, ‘Why did you choose Jonathan Williams for my book, and are  you pleased with his work now that you’ve written it?’ My answer?

Jonathan was the seventh ghostwriter that I interviewed. The reasons I chose him over the previous six are these:

His excellent listening skills. During the interview, he was able to speak back some of the nuances of the message I desired to deliver. It signaled to me that he was able to read between the lines of the feeling of the message, and not just the facts as a reporter would do on news station.

His desire to make sure that it was my voice, my message, my tone that was delivered in the final product.

His plan before we write the first word that included understanding who are audience is / is not, what tone, what writing style would be best for that audience, and the need to build a road map of the overall book.

His heart and transparency. Considering that my book is a brutally honest reflection on life, it was important to me to have someone who was honestly bought into full transparency.

His pricing was not the cheapest (or the most expensive either), but I was able to pay as we went along, and that made me feel good that I was not front-loading payment for work yet undone.

In the end, I am extremely happy. The process was great, and the final outcome is everything I could have hoped for.”—Mark Goodman, Forgiving a Good Man

“I had wanted to write a book for a long time that I could use in my life and business coaching, and one day I finally resolved to do it. I was referred to Jonathan by another ghostwriter, and I am glad for the referral. Jonathan was awesome to work with, and I love the book he helped me write. I plan on contacting him again when I write my next book.”—Calvin Moman, Life Coach, Inspiring Heights

“I hired Jonathan to help me write my book about my amazing family, not quite knowing what to expect or how the process would work. Jonathan helped me plan out my book and worked with me through the entire process. He took my words and improved on them while still retaining my voice–he was able to write exactly what I was trying to say but still say it better than I could! I love my book and the fact that I can share my family's story with people who suffer with this disease as well as with their caregivers and loved ones. I highly recommend Jonathan if you have a personal story to tell.”—Ann Woodbury, Living with Myotonic Dystrophy: My Family's Story

“I started working with Jonathan on my book right from the beginning. He helped me plan my book and was with me every step of the way, assisting in writing and editing it. Jonathan is a creative thinker and provided vital insights and expertise. He created a positive environment that multiplied my talents, and he saw the big picture of my book. And yet, he was able to drill down and add practical details that made it even better; If you need a professional who can get your vision, Jonathan is the right choice. He will make your vision come to life like he did mine, and you can trust him to deliver expert results. He helped me bring my story to life, and for that I am forever thankful. I strongly recommend Jonathan Williams.”—Matthew House, Soldier and Spouse and Their Traveling House

“I hired Jonathan to help me write my book on practical educational methods that teachers and administrators can use to help all of their students learn better. Jonathan encouraged me to go beyond relying on academic journals only for my book and helped me document my many years of bringing at-risk schools up to a higher level of academic achievement. His way with words and his ability to help me deliver my message in the clearest way possible were invaluable in making my book be the best it could be. I highly recommend his services for your book, whatever it may be.”—Roy R. Pope, Ph.D., 9 Ways to Increase Student Achievement (www.edguru.co)

“For most people, the prospect of sitting down to write a book is a daunting one. Working together with Jonathan on my book, however, made that task a bit less daunting. It was great working with someone who is an excellent writer and who could guide me through the entire process. I am very happy with how my book turned out. I highly recommend working with Jonathan if you want to write a book.”—Paul Quist, Living Your Breakaway Life: The Secret to Achieving Lifelong Success

“I had already written much of what I needed for my book, but with Jonathan’s help and editorial advice, I was able to finish my book and take it to the next level. Jonathan is a master at re-sequencing my book thus creating a flow that made my words come alive for me. He is very easy to work with and is very responsive. I highly recommend his services, whether you are just starting to write a book or have a book that you’re having trouble finishing. I look forward to collaborating with him on my second book.”—Beverly Kyer, MSW, CSW, ASCW, Surviving Compassion Fatigue: Help for Those Who Help Others

“Jonathan helped us tell Zollie’s amazing life story. He gave us the guidance we needed and was with us every step of the way. I’m not sure we could have written our book without his help. We happily recommend Jonathan to anyone with a story to tell.”—Zoltan and Annterese Toth, Freedom Keeper: the Life of Zoltan Toth

 “Jonathan helped me finish my book and make it the best it could be! With his help, I was able to publish my book much sooner than planned. It’s already a bestseller in two categories on Amazon! His expertise was instrumental in helping me polish my message and produce a professional book. I recommend Jonathan to anyone who is writing a book and needs a little editorial guidance.”—Joshua M. Evans, Enthusiastic YOU!: Rediscover Your Passion & Energy: Tools For Success in Your Daily Life! (www.enthusiasticyou.com)

 “Jonathan Williams is an excellent writer as well as a helpful, experienced editor. During a very intense time, I hired him to help us with documentation on our systems development efforts.  He did an excellent job organizing and editing the content, developing standards for the team to follow, and acting as final editor for all documentation. He was also invaluable in drafting sensitive messages for our executives. I highly recommend Jonathan.”—Christine Newman, Johns Hopkins University

“I hired Jonathan to write our proposals and marketing collateral when I was the Marketing Director at a medical systems consulting firm. Jonathan did a great job and took direction well and was always a pleasure to work with. He could also be counted on to work hard for the team. When I think of Jonathan I think of someone who is witty, incredibly intelligent, thoughtful, sincere, observant and has a great sense of humor! Whoever hires Jonathan as their writer should consider themselves lucky to have his skills and personality on their side. I highly recommend him.”—Vicki Schultz, Marketing and Communications Executive

“I have worked with Jonathan Williams on a number of projects for several years. He takes direction well and ensures that everyone he works with is happy with the results. Mr. Williams’ work is thorough, concise, and usually exceeds expectations. Among his many attributes are an exceptional attention to detail and quality even while under tight deadlines. And lastly, Mr. Williams is a pleasure to work with.”—Gina King, Technical Writer, Fidelis Security

“I have known Jonathan Williams for many years, and I am pleased to say that he is an excellent writer with an inquisitive mind. He is also an excellent listener and communicator. Jonathan has an interest in diverse subjects, which makes him an excellent ghostwriter. As an aside, Jonathan also has a talent for using and understanding desktop publishing software, which helps him as he documents stories.”—Mark Ault, Technical Writer, AceInfo Solutions

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