I Need Help Writing My Self-help or Motivational Book

I grew up reading self-help and motivational books. The first I read was Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. Then I read a bunch of Og Mandino, especially his University of Success, along with some Zig Ziglar. I love the positive thinking that comes with these books and think there’s nothing more true to the American spirit than the notion that by working hard and working smart anyone can make their way to the top.

Self-help and motivational books are a huge industry, and books written by life coaches, self-help gurus, and motivational speakers often make their authors a lot of money and can help propel their careers. If you’re a life coach, business coach or consultant, motivational speaker, or self-help guru, you must write a book. Luckily for you, I can help.

Self-help Books are a Must for Every Life Coach

If you’re in the business of coaching other in their life or work, then you need to have a book. Many life coaches use their books as a way to promote their serives, and others use their books as a source of income. Self-help is an $11 billion dollar industry in the US alone. People like Tony Robbins, Richard Carlson, and others have made a forture at telling people how to live better lives. Why not you?

Your Seminar Must Have a Book to Offer

Are you a born motivator of others? Do you like to speak in public? If you want to take your message of change to others, self-help seminars are a great way to go. And if you are going to host a successful seminar, then you need to write a book.

What? You haven’t written your book yet? A motivational speaker or self-help guru without a book is like an airplane without wings. So, if you love speaking but you really don’t like writing, don’t worry, I can help you become a successful self-help guru by helping you write your self-help book.

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