I Need Help Writing My Memoir or Biography

Did you live an interesting life that none of your children know about? Do you want to leave your mark on the world? A memoir or a biography may be just the book you need to write. But writing one can be a daunting task, so it’s a good thing I’m here to help.

How Do I Write My Memoir?

If you are in the autumn of your life and are starting to look back, perhaps it’s time to  write your memoir. A good memori or life story can help your children, grandchildren, and friends learn more about your life.

But how exactly do you get started? I mean, you’ve done a lot of living, so you might be thinking, “How or where do I start to write my memoirs?” Well, I can hold your hand through the entire experience. First, we’ll start by writing an outline, putting together a roadmap to follow that covers the major events and time periods of your life. Then, we’ll start working on each chapter, with me interviewing you and getting you to talk about your life stories and events. Next, I’ll transcribe each chapter and we’ll go back and forth editing and revising (I’ll do most of the work) until we’re happy with the result and we move on to the next chapter or section. I try to keep the process simple and fun.

How do I Write Another’s Biography?

Life and experience need to be captured. A biography, like a memoir, is one of the best ways to capture the wisdom and lessons from a life, but writing someone else’s story can present some unique challenges. We will follow the process outlined in writing your memoir, but we’ll make a few changes because it’s a different animal we’re dealing with. Since this process is a little more complicated, please contact me for more information.

Whether the stories are yours or someone else’s, I would love to help you write your memoir just as much as I would love to help you write the biography of a friend or loved one. Capture life before it’s gone; The GhostWriter can help.

As always, contact me, The GhostWriter, to find out more!