Do You Need a Writing a Coach?

Writing a book is not for the faint of heart, but maybe you’re one of those people who would rather do something by yourself; and yet, you’re not too proud to admit you may need a little help writing your book.

Maybe you know what you need to write about, but you just can’t organize your thoughts. Or maybe you have two competing ideas that you want to write about, but you’re just not sure which one to choose. Or maybe you’ve written most of your book, but you just need a coach to help you through to the finish line.

If any of the above describes you, then I’m here for you. Let me be your writing coach!

Because there are many people out there who would rather write their book on their own but still need a little help doing so, I’m happy to offer the following array of writing coaching services for my clients:

One-on-one, live coaching session

The most comprehensive coaching I provide is one-on-one, live coaching to help you get started on your book. I can also coach you on how to write better and avoid the common pitfalls that befall many writers, beginning and advanced. 

All-day (six hours)

This is my most comprehensive live coaching session. In this session we’ll first look at your book topic and anything you’ve written so far, and we’ll chart out a direction you should take. If you haven’t written an outline of your book, we’ll work on that together. We’ll also work on chapter topics and titles, and we’ll drill down to the sentence level and talk about what you’re doing right—or wrong—in your writing and find ways to enhance your strengths or correct your errors. 

My main goal will be to equip you with all the necessary tools for you to write your book long after we’re done talking. Cost: $2500

Half-day (three hours)

My half-day coaching covers many of the topics covered by my all-day course and might be ideal for someone whose time and/or budget won’t allow them to get the full treatment. I’ll still help you outline your book, and I’ll still help you work on your any major roadblocks in your writing, but this will be a more condensed version and won’t attempt to solve every issue or cover every writing scenario. Cost: $1500

Email Coaching Session

Too busy or too strapped to book a whole or half day to get coached but still want some help? Then you should probably sign up for my coaching session via email. After you sign up, just send me enough samples of something you’re working on and I’ll read them, mark them up, and provide a one to two-page written report evaluating your writing and giving you some tips on improving your writing. Then, we’ll have some back and forth as you ask questions and we work on one of your chapters (assuming you have a chapter written) together. Cost: email me for a quote.

Manuscript Review

If you have a completed manuscript but aren’t quite sure it’s ready for publication, you can send it to me and I’ll give you a five-page (at a minimum) written report analyzing your book, its strengths, weaknesses, and areas where you might improve it. I’ll provide concrete examples from your book so that you will know what I’m talking about. And then, armed with my analysis, you will be able to rework your book to take it to the next level. Cost: between $750 and $1500, but email me for a quote.

As always, contact me, The GhostWriter, to find out more!